First Things First

First Things First

Hey everyone, and welcome to our first blog post! I just wanted to get on here and kick off this blog with some exciting news!

First off – does anyone else realize that we are only 54 days away from Christmas?!? That means that we all have less than 2 months to get all of our Christmas gifts bought! That’s crazy! I know for us, we will be giving local this year in many situations and we would encourage you all to do the same. Please support your local businesses and look for ways to gift homemade crafts. There are many great local businesses out there that need your support more now than ever, so even if you don’t want to gift something from our shop, please consider shopping local first, rather than Amazon, Walmart, or other big box stores.

Secondly, we have recently signed up for 2, TWO, new shows this fall. We will be in Fort Smith in exactly 6 days – November 7-8, at Arkansas River Holiday Market. Following that, we will be at Branson Market Days on November 13th and 14th. So, we have BACK TO BACK shows coming up, which means that the Mr. will be VERY busy making new stuff for me to put funny things on. We will have Christmas signs and Christmas ornaments, as well as our “ole faithful’s” – funny bathroom signs, bathroom boxes, and our normal variety of home signs. We have also been experimenting, as always, with our stain colors, designs, and with our Glowforge, so we anticipate that we will have a few NEW items at these shows that are not yet posted in our shop or on our social media pages.

We would love to meet some of our followers, so if you come out to one of these shows, PLEASE let us know that you saw this post. We might even give a discount to anyone who comes out to shop and mentions this post!   

Please stay tuned as we have several new and exciting things to share with you all over the coming weeks! We will be going live and we may also be doing a couple of giveaways or sells with the Holidays coming up, so be on the lookout for all of the upcoming posts, e-mails, and products! 

-XO, Newly-Makers


Just for funsies, here are a few snap shots of our FIRST show setup and our most recent. Crazy how we've grown in just a little over a year!  THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us on this journey! 

March 16, 2019


 October 16, 2020



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